Part explosive saga, part childhood trauma case-study, Godwin's eloquent writing soothes readers through dark territory. 

Meet trauma magnet Lewis Bridger.

This is the true story of countless abuses which appeared to destroy her capacity and future.

Lewis found, as most children do, tiny nuggets of help in divine assistance she received throughout each episode, which eventually led to her victory over these evils.

She always fought on, knowing if she did, someday she would gain safety and peace.

This is a fabulous book. Each chapter is a brief but detailed insight into the life of Lewis Bridger - the tragedy and foundation of her life. A voice crying in the wilderness and yet a truthful story of the raw emotion of a traumatic childhood.  

(Amazon reviewer)

Having walked the same streets. sidewalks, schools, bars, etc... I was immediately interested in this book. However, I was not quite prepared for my own memories to come flowing out the way they did... I couldn't put the book down until I was finished, and even then, I was looking for more pages that I may have overlooked 

(Amazon reviewer)

Lewis Bridger Book Series, by Eliza Godwin - Life of a Trauma Magnet